I don't recall the concentration I used. I would recommend not using it for 
most conditions. I recall that I'd tried various other cleaning methods. I 
recall using water, water/detergent and may have even tried windex(?). None of 
the other things would touch it. The stuff on the surfaces was the adhesive use 
to hold the fiber envelope liners in place. I removed the disk from their 
envelopes and placed the disk on a clean flat plastic surface. I use swabs to 
rub the areas effected ( it looked similar to what we call screen fungus ). I 
went through a lot of swabs and I believe I rinsed them afterwards.

There are a few other cleaning methods that one might try. I've never tried 
these myself

The first might make you cringe a little. That is to use saliva. It is actually 
a type of digesting fluid. Of course, rinse it off when you get the offending 
stuff loose.

Next is the smooth orange oil hand cleaner. ( not the stuff with pumas ). 
Really cleans things great and good for killing ants. Again, rinse maybe it 
might need a little detergent and then rinse.

WIndex, maybe.

GooGone, also a maybe ( I expect it to damage the disk but who knows )

In general I'd go with Chuck's advice. He has done more work with disk and 
tapes than anyone here else except possibly Al.


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> Be wary though, domestic ovens apparently fluctuate wildly.

Use a food dehydrator

this is the unit I use for QIC tapes (weston 10 tray stainless steel dehydrator 
model 74-1001-2)


Weston Commercial Stainless Steel 10 Tray Food Dehydrator 1000W 638029776257 | 
It is 1000 watts. It is in good used condition with no dings and in good 
working condition. Great for jerky, vegetables or fruit. | eBay!

but I do them a couple dozen at at time

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