I have here in my hands a DEC H222A (16Kx18), part of a MM11-DP, that took a
blow at sometime in the past.  In consequence there are a number of small
parts damaged (snapped diode, crushed axial electrolytic, chipped mica
capacitor, cracked/broken SIP resister net) but those all appear to be
relatively easy to replace.


What's not so easy to replace is the MC75325L Dual Memory Driver (L =
Ceramic) that was de-lidded in the process :-<.


I am wondering whether anyone has one of these ICs in their spare parts
drawer that I could acquire?


I do see a MC75325P (plastic) on eBay at littlediode_components for ~20USD,
plus a surprisingly modest shipping charge (Royal Mail International).


UTSOURCE claims to have a supplier of the ceramic part "new", with a
significantly higher shipping charge.


Before I go with the ceramic part (IMO not the sort of packaging that gets .
remarked) I thought that I would check here for alternative sources.


Thank you,


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