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UTSOURCE claims to have a supplier of the ceramic part "new", with a
significantly higher shipping charge.

For what it's worth, I've ordered several times from UTSOURCE and the results have been perfect.  So far, I obtained a number of the Harris 'pdp8' chips D1-6120-9 and 6402 uarts plus Harris's weird baud-rate generator and 6121 'port' decoder.  All have been quickly delivered and were 100% tested by me only receipt and they all met operational specs within specified voltage ranges.

Surprised about shopping charges, though.  I'm in the US and the shipping charges were quite 'nominal'. Less than $5 on a 25 chip order of about $150.

They are so far, "good guys" in my book.


Before I go with the ceramic part (IMO not the sort of packaging that gets .
remarked) I thought that I would check here for alternative sources.

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