On 3/13/2022 7:57 AM, David Schmidt via cctech wrote:
Good point about the CP/M disk - actually it is read just fine with
cpmtools with this diskdef:

# PRO CP/M RX50 DZ format (Perhaps only 79 tracks should be used?)
diskdef dec_pro
   seclen 512
   tracks 80
   sectrk 10
   blocksize 2048
   maxdir 128
   skew 2
   boottrk 2
   os 2.2

So I'm left with figuring out how to pull files off of 12-bit OS/{2}78

If you can extract the byte stream from the IMD/IMG files (and de-interleave them if necessary into logical order), I have tools to read the OS/8, COS, etc. file-systems.

The tools want essentially a 16 bit short for each 12 bit word, in logical order. I think this is essentially what you get for the "inefficient" 12 bit mode. I also have tools to unpack some of the interlaced 8-bit formats for RX01/RX02, and those tools may be adaptable to the RX50.


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