there's much discussion about the right  method to transfer data in and out.
Of course there are several methods, the right one must be carefully chosen 
after some review of all the disk interfaces that must be supported. The idea 
of having a copy of the whole disk in RAM is OK, assuming that a maximum size 
of around 512MB is required, as the RAM is also needed for the OS, and for Zynq 
maximum is 1GB.
About logic implementation, we know that the device must be able to work with 
one cylinder at a time. Given RAM bandwidth, this doesn't means that it must 
fit completely in blockram, also it can be produced at output while it is read, 
so delay time is really the time between first data request and actual read 
response. In between an elastic FIFO is required to adapt synchronous constant 
rate transfer of the disk to the burst transfer toward RAM.

Guy, you mentioned about development of a similar interface.
So you already produced some working hardware?


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