Hi Will,

Is the punch you received capable of punching 8-level tape?  While the PDF on 
Surplus Sales of Nebraska's site says the unit can punch 5- to 8-level tape, 
one of the photos on the site, 
makes it look like it can only punch up to 6-level tape.

-- Ron

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Subject: Comtec model P135-20/35 Paper Tape Punch

A month or two ago, someone mentioned this paper tape punch available from 
Surplus Sales of Nebraska.


I think someone had a similar model and was looking for information.

I ordered one on Tuesday or Wednesday and got it today.  It came with  the 
complete operation and maintenance manual as opposed to the three or so scanned 
pages they have on the website.

I will be scanning that manual and making it available as soon as possible.  In 
the mean time, if anyone has questions that the manual may have answers to, let 
me know.


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