> On 04/30/2022 2:09 PM amp1...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hi Will,
> Is the punch you received capable of punching 8-level tape? While the PDF on 
> Surplus Sales of Nebraska's site says the unit can punch 5- to 8-level tape, 
> one of the photos on the site, 
> https://www.surplussales.com/Images/Equipment/Military/eqp-p135-20-35_2_lg.jpg,
>  makes it look like it can only punch up to 6-level tape.
> -- Ron

It appears that it can only punch 6 (or 5?) level tape the way it is 
configured.  The manual isn't very clear on it, specifying repeatedly that it 
can punch 5 to 8 level tape.  But the one I got only has 6 holes as in the 
picture.  In the back of the manual the parts list specifies different "guide 
and die blocks."  I haven't hooked mine up yet -- I need a 5 amp, 27 V supply.  
But it appears it has everything except the die block to work with 8 level.  I 
doubt the local electronic supply house will have that die block, so I might 
modify that one if possible.


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