Resend (first one seems to have bounced)

My FPGA implementation of the IBM 1410 Data Processing System continues to progress. There is now a console (with the console typewriter, keyboard, lights and switches) written in C# up on github.

With that addition several things now work:

- Address Set (including instruction counter)
- Memory Display and Alter
- Several instructions have been tried: set word mark, halt,
  add, subtract, jump on inquiry and unconditional jump

Several issues remain, the most important of which are:
- Addressing over 09999 is not working correctly
- Console output with M%T0aaaaaW just endlessly repeats
  the first character (at address aaaaa) - no increment.

github projects include:

The C# SMS data gathering / entry / update application:

The FPGA implementation in VHDL:

The newly added C# console application:

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