Dear all,

The cost of living crisis means that I can no longer afford to rent the space to store all my collection. I have therefore decided to give some stuff away to anyone who will come and collect it.

Some stuff is in a storage container in Wells; the rest is in my basement between Shepton Mallet and Radstock. (I will give you the actual address and instructions to find the place when we've agreed an appointment for you to visit.) As noted above, these addresses are in Somerset, England.

The following stuff is definitely available. Visitors will also be welcome to look around my basement and ask for stuff. I don't guarantee to let it go, but I want to (a) empty the storage container and (b) make enough space in the basement that I can get at anything I want to work on, and work on it.

DEC PDP11 stuff:

A complete 11/10 system - processor box (in a 3U rack mount box - this is, I am told, unusual, but it is original), one expansion box, RKO5. All mounted in a later (1980s era) half height rack. (I gave the original full-height rack to Toby)

An 11/34 processor box. Don't know whether I have all the innards. (No idea where it came from!)

The remains of my 11/44 system. I bought the complete system - processor, expansion box, two RL02 drives, RX02 drive, RA80. I started buying stuff to add to it - tape drive, a couple of CDC multi-platter hard drives. I then sold a basic system - processor, one RL02 drive, RX02 drive, all in one rack - but have all the rest (except the RA80, which I gave to Tony Duell). So there's a lot of stuff, but probably not all the boards (no RL11, for example). But if anyone wants to build an 11/34 system from the bits, they're welcome to try!

A number of DEC hex-height boards and other Unibus stuff. Probably some spare boards for the 11/10. And a couple of racks from the 11/44 system.

Other stuff:

A DEC VT100 with no keyboard

a motherboard from an Alphastation (Rod Smallwood has first call on this - it was supposed to be in one of the alphastations I gave him years ago.)

A Teletype 43

A Perq 2T2 in bits. It has no working monitor, but I think I can find all the other bots.

A Silicon Graphics Personal Iris, also with no monitor, but I have found its keyboard and mouse, and some additional boards that may belong to it.

an IBM "portable" PC, i.e. an XT with built-in monitor in a luggable case.

Lots of DEC manuals - I've not sorted this box.

A Calcomp 1039 plotter.

Five HP Series 80 machines (85, 86, 87) and a box of manuals and accessories. (You are not allowed to take any accessories unless you take at least one system unit!)

The other stuff in my basement was mostly acquired from car boot sales and clearouts at work in the 1990s and early 2000s, so there's a lot of 1980s micros there. I have several Commodore PETs of various flavours; I'm probably going to keep my first ever 2001, and an 8296, but most of the stuff in between can go.

Please let me know if you are interested, and I can post photos and/or more detailed descriptions. If I don't get any interest, the CDC drives and probably the Calcomp plotter, will have to go to the tip.

Everything is offered as seen. Most of it doesn't work. You have been warned.

Finally, I have set up an e-mail address for you to reply to if you are interested: I hope to spot replies to the list too, but it will help if you copy them to that address as well.

Many thanks,


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