Hello CDE-users,

It's possible to reboot or shutdown the system using the dtlogin
session menu.

Thanks to Antonis Tsolomitis (http://myria.math.aegean.gr/~atsol/newpag
e-en/software/cde/cde.html) there's an example of how to create session
menu entries.
Look at http://myria.math.aegean.gr/~atsol/newpage-en/software/cde/dtlo

In the attached .tgz-file you will find a script that creates the
necessary files and folders for a new session entry from templates
(copied from Antonis dtlogin-sessions.tgz file).

You can find informations about creating shutdown and reboot entries in

root permissions are required (sudo).

Please excuse my english (not a native speaker),


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