> Interesting. Can Jacek and you share these tips with us ?

Sure. I've just sent some information to Jacek some days ago, and I
guess he'll be updating the FAQ page soon
(I've got some screenshots too if they're required)

As a quick reference:

Device Emulator standalone v 3

Windows Mobile 6 localized emulator images

* added symlink under .wine folder (in order to avoid error message on
ln -sf drive_c harddiskvolume1

* configure wine (I tried latest 0.9.57) to run as Windows XP and to
map C: to ../harddiskvolume1

* install the standalone emulator
wine vs_emulator.exe

* install emulator images
wine msiexec /i

* run the emulator with the desired image
wine DeviceEmulator.exe PPC_USA.BIN /sharedfolder . /memsize 256 /h
/video 480x640x16
(i.e. starts WM6 image with VGA screen, shared folder set to current
directory and host-only network)

For WM5 images, the installation step under wine failed (the image
installer is tricky, it needs a virtual network device that also fails
under wine) so I installed properly under real Windows and then copied
the .nb0 files (emulator images) to Linux filesystem (and removed
installation under Windows)

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