At last week's meeting, we listed some items for the updated roadmap for 
PcEnv.  The existing roadmap/milestones list is quite out of date.

I am considering using the PcEnv tracker to manage this list, in the 
hope that as features are implemented, they will be marked as resolved 
in the tracker, facilitating keeping the list up to date.

This approach could also be used for the other roadmaps, e.g. 
repository, specifications, general cellml site etc.

In my experience on previous projects, using some form of tracker for 
roadmaps works well.

Although PloneCollectorNG seems inferior (in my opinion) to other 
trackers (e.g. Jira), it has the advantage that it is integrated into 
the rest of the site.  So, in the interest of taking small steps, I 
think we should stick with it for now.

Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.


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