Hi all,

Following discussions with the IT group yesterday, we have arranged to 
set up the Bugzilla based CellML tracker for testing on an externally 
hosted site. The URL is http://bowmore.elyt.com/bugzilla/

This will not be the final tracker URL (and may not be the final tracker 
technology), as there is currently a process underway to evaluate the 
best tracker. However, part of this process will require actually using 
a tracker to see what the final result is.

Users are encouraged to try out the tracker to submit and view real 
questions and bugs (at this point in time, this tracker is the best 
place at least to report PCEnv and CellML API bugs, because at the very 
least the correct person should get an e-mail about your submission).

You feedback on using the tracker will also be valuable, as it will help 
inform future decisions on what tracker technology to use and/or 
improvements to the tracker resources. If you are able to do so, putting 
it on the tracker would be a good way to handle such comments, otherwise 
they could also be e-mailed directly to the list.

Note that all new tracker items are sent to this list (unless you choose 
one of the private question / security issue options), and you also have 
the option when commenting on an issue to send your comment to the list.

Best regards,
Andrew Miller

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