David Nickerson wrote:
> Clicking the "Submit a problem report...." link under the most common 
> actions leads to a page where the user must choose a product on which to 
> enter a tracker item. It is not very obvious what to do on this page as 
> the instructions are hidden in the page title sitting above the 
> navigation bar - maybe its just me, but that is the last place I looked 
> for instructions on what to do....perhaps the instructions could be 
> placed in the main body of the page?
Hi Andre,

Do you like the new template I just put up, which adds in "Choose the 
area of the CellML project to which this relates:" as a paragraph above 
the list of products?
> If I then choose, for example, CellML core specifications I get a bunch 
> of stuff and a big red banner telling me " There are no duplicate 
> statistics for today (2007-07-20) or yesterday." followed by "Please 
> press Back and try again." and what looks like the standard footer 
> navigation bar.
This is an iframe with the list of duplicates (which doesn't come up 
with anything at the moment) not the main page.

The template on which this in is configurable (I copied the IFRAME code 
from the bugzilla.mozilla.org submission temlate). The idea of the 
iframe is that embedded in the main page is a sub-page that lets you 
search for duplicates so you don't have to go elsewhere to check for 
duplicates and then come back. However, you are the second person to be 
confused by it, so perhaps it isn't worth it?

> I press Back and try again with the same result. How should I submit a 
> new tracker item?
Just ignore the iframe (or ideally, use the search box below it which 
will update it to search for the terms you enter), and once you are 
finished just scroll down past it.

However, I think we are going to have to change this - I am just not 
sure how to make it less confusing - perhaps once we have at least one 
duplicate in statistics for the database it won't be as confusing?

Best regards,

> Thanks,
> David.
> Andrew Miller wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Following discussions with the IT group yesterday, we have arranged to 
>> set up the Bugzilla based CellML tracker for testing on an externally 
>> hosted site. The URL is http://bowmore.elyt.com/bugzilla/
>> This will not be the final tracker URL (and may not be the final tracker 
>> technology), as there is currently a process underway to evaluate the 
>> best tracker. However, part of this process will require actually using 
>> a tracker to see what the final result is.
>> Users are encouraged to try out the tracker to submit and view real 
>> questions and bugs (at this point in time, this tracker is the best 
>> place at least to report PCEnv and CellML API bugs, because at the very 
>> least the correct person should get an e-mail about your submission).
>> You feedback on using the tracker will also be valuable, as it will help 
>> inform future decisions on what tracker technology to use and/or 
>> improvements to the tracker resources. If you are able to do so, putting 
>> it on the tracker would be a good way to handle such comments, otherwise 
>> they could also be e-mailed directly to the list.
>> Note that all new tracker items are sent to this list (unless you choose 
>> one of the private question / security issue options), and you also have 
>> the option when commenting on an issue to send your comment to the list.
>> Best regards,
>> Andrew Miller
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