Alan Garny wrote:
Agreed, that wouldn't harm.
A link to the CellML specification and some of the other existing content should be sufficient.

Best wishes,


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Hi all,

I've been snooping around the website and I noticed that if you actually
go to the links for our current live namespaces, you don't find anything
particularly interesting.


The page for all these links currently says:

"This is the target for the CellML 1.0 namespace prefix. Currently there
is nothing useful here. As the specification is developed, documentation
on each of the elements and attributes in the CellML namespace will be

In the meantime, why not have a poke around the CellML website at

Note that a namespace URI provides a unique identifier for a particular
dictionary of CellML elements. It need not link to a schema or DTD."

Given that the meantime has now been a number of years, I propose that we
put something more useful up at these URLs.

What do people think?

Kind regards,

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