Hi Catherine,

The link on the Iribe model page did let me load OpenCell with the session 
file, but gave error messages. I take your point re session files in general - 
we do need to make it easier to create them as the difference between models 
with (including SVG files) & without them is day & night for new users. 

Cheers, Peter
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Hi Peter

With regards to item 2, according to the model status comment James  
has already created a PCEnv session file for Iribe et al:


It looks like this already has a session file - but without an  
embedded SVG diagram (I make that comment based on the fact there is  
no image for this model in the repository).

Pulasthi/Linda - would you please be able to create a diagram for this  
model, load it into the repository in the correct folder, and update  
the documentation to link to it please?  The paper is attached.   
Unfortunately there is no schematic in the paper - it's going to be a  
case of creating one from scratch based on the list of currents, etc.  
in the appendix.  Andre and James will be back from Japan next week  
and they will be able to check your diagram for you (sorry to  
volunteer you Andre and James in your absence - but I thought you  
wouldn't mind!!!)

Also, related to number 2 in general - Peter, I know that James is  
reluctant to create a whole lot of OpenCell session files right now -  
there is a valid reason for this - either relating to OpenCell or PMR2  
- he can update you himself.  But creating one-off session files that  
have been requested, for the time being, is fine.

Best wishes

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