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The CellML API release candidate version 1.11rc2 has been released unmodified as CellML API version 1.11. It can be downloaded from http://www.cellml.org/tools/downloads/cellml_api/releases/1.11

CellML API version 1.11 fixes a number of bugs in the CellML API version 1.10, including some affecting code generation. It adds a new service, the CellML Generics and Reflection Service, and features improved documentation. The C++ interface has changed to allow more idiomatic STL-based C++ code to be written. Python support has been separated out into a separate package that provides more convenient, more idiomatic Python support.

Please report any issues you find with the CellML API version 1.11, or direct any requests for support, to the Physiome tracker at https://tracker.physiomeproject.org/, to cellml-tools-develop...@cellml.org, or directly to ak.mil...@auckland.ac.nz.

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Andrew Miller

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