On 21/09/2012 06:44, Gary Mirams wrote:
Hi all,

I have created a CellML model to be added to the electrophysiology
respository (Davies et al., 2012). I think I've managed to create an
'Workspace' for it on PMR2, and I tried to make an 'Exposure'
following the instructions on

But for the last week or so it has just said "state: pending review".

Do I need to do something else? Or submit it for review somewhere?

Hi Gary,

I should be watching the pending review list a little more closely, sorry about not seeing this sooner!

The workspace you created is all in order, but there does not seem to be an exposure created in it.

Also, we now consider the tmpdoc exposure documentation to be deprecated, although this is not yet reflected in the documentation found on the repository. The next version of the repository software will have a quite different interface for creating exposures, and the new documentation will state that new exposures should be created with HTML documentation.

It is quite easy to strip out the tmpdoc and put it in an HTML file for creating one of these HTML-documented exposures. An exposure of this type can be found at http://models.cellml.org/e/b9 . Alternatively I can do this for you, and create the exposure. It will be much easier to create exposures once the new version of PMR2 is deployed on the repository site.


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