PMR2 v0.6 is now released and deployed on the production server, and so the 
CellML Model Repository is now up and running on this version.  Two minor 
issues were corrected, with the fixes applied to their respective packages.

Again, notable features for PMR2 v0.6 are:

- Fork/pull from other workspaces and/or source repositories.  Users can 
specify a URI to fetch content from external repositories, such as other PMR2 
instances or even repositories hosted on Google Code or Bitbucket. If you can 
pull them, PMR2 can pull them (* on the main PMR2 instance, only http/https 
sources are supported due to outbound firewall settings at the host provided by 
- Exposure wizard eases the process of exposure creation.  This include 
features such as exposure import/export and better exposure rollover handling.
- Curation now file specific instead of exposure-wide, with better editor for 
them and ability for administrator to define curation flags (partial 
implementation only for administration side)
- CellML API updated to 1.12 (latest snapshot as it contained some critical 
changes needed by PMR2) and make use of a cgrspy egg that is built for this 
PMR2 release (cgrspy-1.1pmr2).
- Some major internal library changes that allow much easier implementation of 
views and their associated tests in PMR2.

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