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The second release candidate for the CellML API 1.12 (1.12-rc2) has been released. This release candidate will become the CellML API 1.12 if no-one reports any problems with it by next Tuesday (New Zealand time). Please try out the the API and report any problems on the Physiome Tracker at https://tracker.physiomeproject.org/, by e-mailing cellml-tools-develop...@cellml.org (you will need to subscribe to the list first using this page: http://lists.cellml.org/mailman/listinfo/cellml-tools-developers), or by e-mailing ak.mil...@auckland.ac.nz.

The files making up this release candidate are available here:
  * http://cellml-api.sourceforge.net/download.html#1.12rc2

This release candidate has a number of significant improvements over the CellML API 1.12rc1: * Don't load DTDs when loading a document from text, as well as when loading from the network. * Increment the restart counter when trying to solve for initial conditions so we eventually fail after too many random re-starts.
  * Minor changes to the packaging scripts.

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