Celtic and Old English Saints          23 October

* St. Columba of Cornwall, Virgin and Martyr
* St. Ethelfleda, Abbess of Romsey, England,
   Mentor of Saint Dunstan

St. Columba of Cornwall, Virgin and Martyr

Like the majority of Cornish Churches the Parish Church of St Columb
is dedicated in the name of a Celtic Saint-Columba the Virgin. She was
a holy women who probably came from Ireland to preach the Gospel to
fellow Celts in Cornwall and in Brittany. According to tradition
Columba was pursued up the river by a heathen tyrant who wished her to
marry his son, and was martyred at Ruthvoes, about 2 1/2 miles from St
Columb Town. (Columba in Latin means a Dove- the emblem of tenderness
and purity.)

The church occupies a splendid position at the head of the Vale of
Lanherne. The site was quite possibly a large tumulus or burying place
in pre-Christian times. but we know that a church has occupied it for
at least 1000 years.

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