On 13/10/16 16:33, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
Dear Experts,

Could someone point me in the right direction: how can I disable
hybernate/suspend in CentOS 7?

I get workstations for graduate students with decent amount of RAM (32
GB), and for machines with large RAM I either do not have swap at all of
have some small (4 GB) swap. As I remember from older manuals, one has to
have at least twice amount of swap compared to physical RAM for
hybernate/suspend to work. This probably is what bit me: new Dells came
with keyboard that has sleep button, when one hits that button the machine
locks up. (it stays powered on, does not respond mouse, keyboard, does not
respond ping).

I would like to disable that sleep button on keyboard. (I'm kind of trying
to avoid replacing keyboard with the ones that do not have "sleep" key).

Thanks a lot for all your help!


You should be able to do this with PolicyKit:


This solution is for RHEL6, but the same polkit rule should work on RHEL7.

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