On 2016-10-13, Valeri Galtsev
<galt...@kicp.uchicago.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, October 13, 2016 11:55 am, Mike - st257 wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 11:33 AM, Valeri Galtsev
>> <galt...@kicp.uchicago.edu> wrote:
>>> Dear Experts,
>>> Could someone point me in the right direction: how can I disable
>>> hybernate/suspend in CentOS 7?
>>> I get workstations for graduate students with decent amount of RAM
>>> (32 GB), and for machines with large RAM I either do not have swap
>>> at all of have some small (4 GB) swap. As I remember from older
>>> manuals, one has to have at least twice amount of swap compared to
>>> physical RAM for hybernate/suspend to work. This probably is what
>>> bit me: new Dells came with keyboard that has sleep button, when one
>>> hits that button the machine locks up. (it stays powered on, does
>>> not respond mouse, keyboard, does not respond ping).
>>> I would like to disable that sleep button on keyboard. (I'm kind of
>>> trying to avoid replacing keyboard with the ones that do not have
>>> "sleep" key).
>> Have you tried disabling power management via GRUB options?
>> http://askubuntu.com/a/130541
> Mike, thanks! You gave me good enough push into right direction,
> thanks to which I solved my problem.
> Disabling power management via GRUB (boot) options didn't help me. I
> went further along these lines, tried to tweak related stuff in
> /etc/systemd/login.conf (systemd experts will probably lough, I'm not
> one, so... ;-) - didn't help either. I finally came to doing what
> helped me: edited
> /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.login1.policy
> (replaced "yes" with "no" in a few related places). This solved my
> problem. I'm not posting what exactly I changed, as I overdid it
> (disabled locally logged in user's ability to reboot/poweroff machine,
> and the same from gdm loging screen - I will need to restore these).
> Thanks!  Valeri

Be aware that the file
/usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.login1.policy is not a
configfile and will be silently overwritten when systemd is upgraded.

In earlier releases of PolicyLit local changes were made in
/etc/polkit-1/localauthority, but I don't know if that approach still



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