We dropped support for ebofs a few months back since the plan moving 
forward is to use btrfs and the maintenance burden wasn't deemed 
worthwhile.  Btrfs does (almost *) everything ebofs does, and much more, 
and is very actively developed.

The main issue with building ebofs at this point is pobject_t.  It used to 
be a simple wrapper around object_t, which used to be fixed-size.  
object_t is now essentially a variable length string, which won't work 
with ebofs' btree code.  Either that code needs to be rewritten 
accordingly, or you can redefine object_t as a fixed size struct and use 
ebofs outside of ceph.  There are a variety of places now where ceph uses 
variable-length object names that would need to be cleaned up to use ebofs 
on a ceph osd...


On Tue, 18 Aug 2009, ºî¹ðÎÄ wrote:

> Hi,
> We are interesting EBOFS. It seems there are 3 types of OSD in Ceph,
> filestore, ebofs, bdb. Currently the default setting is filestore, that
> means on regular file system such as btrfs , ext3 etc. We want to test the
> system on ebofs. Is there any document on how to setup the system by using
> ebofs?
> Thanks
> Guiwen
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