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> It's not yet perfect, but I think the approach is superior to being
> implemented in Ceph natively. If there's any encryption that should be
> implemented in Ceph, I believe it'd be the on-the-wire encryption to
> protect against evasedroppers.


> Other scenarios would require client-side encryption.


> > Cryptographic keys are stored on filesystem of storage node that hosts
> > OSDs. Changing them require redeploying the OSDs.
> This is solvable by storing the key on an external key server.


> Changing the key is only necessary if the key has been exposed. And with
> dm-crypt, that's still possible - it's not the actual encryption key
> that's stored, but the secret that is needed to unlock it, and that can
> be re-encrypted quite fast. (In theory; it's not implemented yet for
> the Ceph OSDs.)
> > Data incoming from Ceph clients would be encrypted by primary OSD. It
> > would replicate ciphertext to non-primary members of an acting set.
> This still exposes data in coredumps or on swap on the primary OSD, and
> metadata on the secondaries.
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