On 20-12-2015 17:10, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

Most of the Ceph is getting there in the most crude and rough state.
So beneath is a status update on what is not working for me jet.

A) unittest_erasure_code_plugin failes on the fact that there is a
different error code returned when dlopen-ing a non existent library.
load dlopen(.libs/libec_invalid.so): Cannot open
".libs/libec_invalid.so"load dlsym(.libs/libec_missing_version.so, _
_erasure_code_init): Undefined symbol
"__erasure_code_init"test/erasure-code/TestErasureCodePlugin.cc:88: Failure
Value of: instance.factory("missing_version", g_conf->erasure_code_dir,
profile, &erasure_code, &cerr)
   Actual: -2
Expected: -18

EXDEV is actually 18, so that part is correct.
But EXDEV is cross-device link error.

Where as the actual answer: -2 is factual correct:
#define ENOENT          2               /* No such file or directory */

So why is the test for EXDEV instead of ENOENT?
Could be a typical Linux <> FreeBSD thingy.

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