On 6-1-2016 08:51, Mykola Golub wrote:
On Mon, Dec 28, 2015 at 05:53:04PM +0100, Willem Jan Withagen wrote:

Can somebody try to help me and explain why

in test: Func: test/mon/osd-crash
Func: TEST_crush_reject_empty started

Fails with a python error which sort of startles me:
test/mon/osd-crush.sh:227: TEST_crush_reject_empty:  local
test/mon/osd-crush.sh:228: TEST_crush_reject_empty:  :
test/mon/osd-crush.sh:229: TEST_crush_reject_empty:  ./crushtool -c
testdir/osd-crush/empty_map.txt -o testdir/osd-crush/empty_map.m
test/mon/osd-crush.sh:230: TEST_crush_reject_empty:  expect_failure
testdir/osd-crush 'Error EINVAL' ./ceph osd setcrushmap -i testd
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1171: expect_failure:  local
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1172: expect_failure:  shift
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1173: expect_failure:  local 'expected=Error
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1174: expect_failure:  shift
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1175: expect_failure:  local success
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1176: expect_failure:  pwd
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1177: expect_failure:  printenv
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1178: expect_failure:  echo ./ceph osd
setcrushmap -i testdir/osd-crush/empty_map.map
../qa/workunits/ceph-helpers.sh:1180: expect_failure:  ./ceph osd
setcrushmap -i testdir/osd-crush/empty_map.map
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "./ceph", line 936, in <module>
     retval = main()
   File "./ceph", line 874, in main
     sigdict, inbuf, verbose)
   File "./ceph", line 457, in new_style_command
   File "/usr/srcs/Ceph/wip-freebsd-wjw/ceph/src/pybind/ceph_argparse.py",
line 1208, in json_command
     raise RuntimeError('"{0}": exception {1}'.format(argdict, e))
RuntimeError: "{'prefix': u'osd setcrushmap'}": exception "['{"prefix": "osd
setcrushmap"}']": exception 'utf8' codec can't decode b
yte 0x86 in position 56: invalid start byte

Which is certainly not the type of error expected.
But it is hard to detect any 0x86 in the arguments.

Are you able to reproduce this problem manually? I.e. in src dir, start the
cluster using vstart.sh:

./vstart.sh -n

Check it is running:

./ceph -s

Repeat the test:

truncate -s 0 empty_map.txt
./crushtool -c empty_map.txt -o empty_map.map
./ceph osd setcrushmap -i empty_map.map

Expected output:

  "Error EINVAL: Failed crushmap test: ./crushtool: exit status: 1"

Hi all,

I've spent the Xmas days trying to learn more about Python.
(And catching up with old friends :) )

My heritage is the days of assembler, shell script, C, Perl and likes.
So the pony had to learn a few new tricks. (aka language)
I'm now trying to get python nosetest to actually work

In the mean time I also found that FreeBSD has patches for Googletest
to actually  make most of the DEATH tests work.

I think this python stream pars error got resolved by upgrading
everything build, including  the complete package environment and
upgrading kernel and tools... :) Which I think cleaned out the python
environment which was a bit mixed up with different versions.

Now test/mon/osd-crush.sh return OKE, so I guess the setup of the environment
is relatively critical.

I also noted that some of the test get more tests done IF I run them under

The last test run resulted in:
   ceph 10.0.1: src/test-suite.log

# TOTAL: 120
# PASS:  110
# SKIP:  0
# XFAIL: 0
# FAIL:  10
# XPASS: 0
# ERROR: 0

FAIL ceph-detect-init/run-tox.sh (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/run-rbd-unit-tests.sh (exit status: 138)
FAIL test/ceph_objectstore_tool.py (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/cephtool-test-mon.sh (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/cephtool-test-rados.sh (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/libradosstriper/rados-striper.sh (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/test_objectstore_memstore.sh (exit status: 127)
FAIL test/ceph-disk.sh (exit status: 1)
FAIL test/pybind/test_ceph_argparse.py (exit status: 127)
FAIL test/pybind/test_ceph_daemon.py (exit status: 127)

where the first and last 2 actually don't work because of python things
that are not working on FreeBSD and I have to sort out.
ceph_detect_init.exc.UnsupportedPlatform: Platform is not supported.:
../test-driver: ./test/pybind/test_ceph_argparse.py: not found
FAIL test/pybind/test_ceph_argparse.py (exit status: 127)

I also have:
./test/test_objectstore_memstore.sh: ./ceph_test_objectstore: not found
FAIL test/test_objectstore_memstore.sh (exit status: 127)

Which ia a weird one, that needs some TLC.

So I'm slowly getting there...

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