Hi Alfredo,

I see a make check slave currently runs on jessie and I think to remember it 
ran on trusty slaves before. It's a good thing operating systems are mixed but 
there does not seem to be a clear indication about which operating system is 
used. For instance regarding:


one has to click on the console and know that it shows in the first few lines 

Building remotely on centos6+ (x86_64 huge centos6 amd64) in 

Side note: as CentOS 6 is no longer a supported platform, trying to build on it 
will fail.

Another problem is that chosing an operating system randomly may lead to 
different test results and the inability for the author of the pull request to 
chose repeat the bug because the operating system on which it happens is not 

Unless there is a know strategy with jenkins to deal with that kind of problem, 
it probably is best to stick to a single Operating System and CentOS 7 would be 
my choice.


Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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