Hi Alfredo,

I forgot to mention that the ./run-make-check.sh run currently has no known 
false negative on CentOS 7. By that I mean that if run on master 100 times, it 
will succeed 100 times. This is good to debug the jenkins builds on pull 
requests as we know all problems either come from the infrastructure or the 
pull request. We do not have to worry about random errors due to race 
conditions in the tests or things like that.

I'll keep an eye on the test results and analyse each failure. For now it would 
be best to disable reporting failures as they are almost entirely false 
negative and will confuse the contributor. The failures come from:

 * running on unsupported operating systems (CentOS 6 and maybe others)
 * leftovers from a previous test (which should be removed when a new slave is 
provisionned for each test)

I'll add to this thread when / if I find more.

Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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