I triaged the jenkins related failures (from #24 to #49):

CentOS 6 not supported:


Ubuntu 12.04 not supported:


Failure to fetch from github


I've not been able to analyze more failures because it looks like only 30 jobs 
are kept. Here is an updated summary:

 * running on unsupported operating systems (CentOS 6, precise and maybe others)
 * leftovers from a previous test (which should be removed when a new slave is 
provisionned for each test)
 * keep the last 300 jobs for forensic analysis (about one week worth)
 * disable reporting to github pull requests until the above are resolved (all 
failures were false negative).


On 23/12/2015 10:11, Loic Dachary wrote:
> Hi Alfredo,
> I forgot to mention that the ./run-make-check.sh run currently has no known 
> false negative on CentOS 7. By that I mean that if run on master 100 times, 
> it will succeed 100 times. This is good to debug the jenkins builds on pull 
> requests as we know all problems either come from the infrastructure or the 
> pull request. We do not have to worry about random errors due to race 
> conditions in the tests or things like that.
> I'll keep an eye on the test results and analyse each failure. For now it 
> would be best to disable reporting failures as they are almost entirely false 
> negative and will confuse the contributor. The failures come from:
>  * running on unsupported operating systems (CentOS 6 and maybe others)
>  * leftovers from a previous test (which should be removed when a new slave 
> is provisionned for each test)
> I'll add to this thread when / if I find more.
> Cheers

Loïc Dachary, Artisan Logiciel Libre

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