Dear ceph-users,

I'm preparing a Ceph cluster on my debian machines. I successfully walked
true the Preflight installation guide on the website.
Now i'm stuck at the STORAGE CLUSTER QUICK START, when i enter the
following command:

ceph-deploy mon create-initial

I get the following errors:

[cephsrv1][ERROR ] "ceph auth get-or-create for keytype admin returned 1

[ceph_deploy.gatherkeys][ERROR ] Failed to connect to host:cephsrv1
[ceph_deploy.gatherkeys][INFO  ] Destroy temp directory /tmp/tmpK5yQHi
[ceph_deploy][ERROR ] RuntimeError: Failed to connect any mon

I already changed line 78 from allow * --> allow in the File
under /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ceph_deploy/ (on the admin-node).


Best regards,

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