I currently have an OSD that has been backfilling data off it for a
little over two days now, and it's gone from approximately 68 PGs to

As data is still being read from, and written to it by clients whilst
I'm trying to get it out of the cluster, this is not helping it at
all.  I figured that it's probably best just to cut my losses and just
force it out entirely so that all new writes and reads to those PGs
get redirected elsewhere to a functional disk, and the rest of the
recovery can proceed without being blocked heavily by this one disk.

Granted that objects and files have a 1:1 relationship, I can just
rsync the data to a new server and write it back into ceph afterwards.

Now, I know that as soon as I bring down this OSD, the entire cluster
will stop operating.  So what's the most swift method of telling the
cluster to forget about this disk and everything that may be stored on


Iain Buclaw

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