Hi Adrian,

I have also hit this recently and have since increased the osd_snap_trim_sleep 
to try and stop this from happening again. However, I
haven't had an opportunity to actually try and break it again yet, but your 
mail seems to suggest it might not be the silver bullet
I was looking for.

I'm wondering if the problem is not with the removal of the snapshot, but 
actually down to the amount of object deletes that happen,
as I see similar results when doing fstrim's or deleting RBD's. Either way I 
agree that a settable throttle to allow it to process
more slowly would be a good addition. Have you tried that value set to higher 
than 1, maybe 10?


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> Any guidance on this?  I have osd_snap_trim_sleep set to 1 and it seems to 
> have tempered some of the issues but its still bad
> that NFS storage off RBD volumes become unavailable for over 3 minutes.
> It seems that the activity which the snapshot deletes are actioned triggers 
> massive disk load for around 30 minutes.  The logs
> OSDs marking each other out, OSDs complaining they are wrongly marked out and 
> blocked requests errors for around 10 minutes at
> the start of this activity.
> Is there any way to throttle snapshot deletes to make them much more of a 
> background activity?  It really should not make the
> platform unusable for 10 minutes.
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> > Subject: [ceph-users] Snap delete performance impact
> >
> >
> > I recently started a process of using rbd snapshots to setup a backup
> > regime for a few file systems contained in RBD images.  While this
> > generally works well at the time of the snapshots there is a massive
> > increase in latency (10ms to multiple seconds of rbd device latency)
> > across the entire cluster.  This has flow on effects for some cluster
> > timeouts as well as general performance hits to applications.
> >
> > In research I have found some references to osd_snap_trim_sleep being the
> > way to throttle this activity but no real guidance on values for it.   I 
> > also see
> > some other osd_snap_trim tunables  (priority and cost).
> >
> > Is there any recommendations around setting these for a Jewel cluster?
> >
> > cheers,
> >  Adrian
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