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> Il 11 ott 2016 3:05 AM, "Christian Balzer" <ch...@gol.com> ha scritto:
> > 10Gb/s MC-LAG (white box) switches are also widely available and
> > affordable.
> >
> At which models are you referring to?
> I've never found any 10gb switches at less than many thousands euros.
That's about right and usually what you encounter when looking for
enterprise level functionalities and support/warranty.

I was basically referring to any of these:

And yes, they are are about 3-5 times more expensive than what you listed.
> The cheaper ones i've found are the Cisco small business 350x/550x at about
> 2000 euros reseller price (new) with 24x10gb ports and stackable.
> In my case, I'll probably go with these Cisco

If they can handle everything needed (and with a small enough Ceph cluster
they may very well do so), definitely.

I couldn't determine it 100% from the docs, but it seems they might be
limited to 32 LAGs per stack (so 16 dual-ported end nodes). 
Not a very small number, but then we ran into such a limitation with
another project and Brocade switches when it grew (slightly) larger than
Also these switches seems to be lacking in the V6 department, again based
on a cursory glance at their specs and docs.

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