It may looks like a boys club but I believe that sometimes for the
proof-of-concept projects or in the beginning of the commercial project
without a lot of invesments it worth to consider used hardware. For
example, it's possible to find used Quanta LB6M switches with 24x 10GbE
SFP+ ports for $298 (!!!) or Quanta LB8 with 48x 10GbE ports for $798. Yes,
it has no warranty (60 days is nothing) but you can take 3 or 4. Put two of
these switches in a redundant cluster with non-blocking port configuration
and have one or two spare ones and you can save your investments in case of
configuration problems or business issues. Of course, I'm totally against
of used drives (HDDs or SSDs) even in the PoC projects, they must to be
new, but network or server equipment in some border cases - why not? If you
can have a bunch of 10x 1U servers with 2x E5-2670v1, 32GB RAM, 10GbE NIC,
1 free PCI-E slot, 4x 3.5" Drive non-hotswap slots, bundled with 1x 10GbE
switch and a cabinet for about $3300 total (and I know for sure about such
offers) - you can test your project almost for free (in compare with new
hardware). Yes, this hardware has to be very carefully stress-tested.

For a big project it's not a good idea to have used hardware (only because
of the warranty and unification), for sure, and if you have enough
invesment I would recommend to go with new properly configured and scaled
equipment. But for the small ones it pretty much depends - if you able to
avoid SPoF you can save a lot.

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2016-10-11 11:30 GMT+05:00 Gandalf Corvotempesta <>:

> Il 11 ott 2016 3:05 AM, "Christian Balzer" <> ha scritto:
> > 10Gb/s MC-LAG (white box) switches are also widely available and
> > affordable.
> >
> At which models are you referring to?
> I've never found any 10gb switches at less than many thousands euros.
> The cheaper ones i've found are the Cisco small business 350x/550x at
> about 2000 euros reseller price (new) with 24x10gb ports and stackable.
> In my case, I'll probably go with these Cisco
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