Hi Sam,
  We use SCST for iSCSI with Ceph, and a pacemaker cluster to orchestrate the 
management of active/passive presentation using ALUA though SCST device groups. 
 In our case we ended up writing our own pacemaker resources to support our 
particular model and preferences, but I believe there are a few resources out 
there for setting this up that you could make use of.

For us it consists of resources for the RBD devices, the iSCSI targets, the 
device groups and hostgroups for presentation.  The resources are cloned across 
all the cluster nodes, except for the device group resources which are 
master/slave, with the master becoming the active ALUA member and the others 
becoming standby or non-optimised.

The iSCSI clients see the ALUA presentation and manage it with their own 
multipathing stacks.

There may be ways to do it with LIO now, but at the time I looked at the ALUA 
support in SCST was a lot better.



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Hi all,

Platform : Centos 7 Luminous 12.1.2

First time here but, are there any guides or guidelines out there on how to 
configure ISCSI gateways in HA so that if one gateway fails, IO can continue on 
the passive node?

What I've done so far
-ISCSI node with Ceph client map rbd on boot
-Rbd has exclusive-lock feature enabled and layering
-Targetd service dependent on rbdmap.service
-rbd exported through LUN ISCSI
-Windows ISCSI imitator can map the lun and format / write to it (awesome)

Now I have no idea where to start to have an active /passive scenario for luns 
exported with LIO.  Any ideas?

Also the web dashboard seem to hint that it can get stats for various clients 
made on ISCSI gateways, I'm not sure where it pulls that information. Is 
Luminous now shipping a ISCSI daemon of some sort?

Thanks all!
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