Dear list,

for a few days we are disecting ceph-disk and ceph-volume to find out,
what is the appropriate way of creating partitions for ceph.

For years already I found ceph-disk (and especially ceph-deploy) very
error prone and we at ungleich are considering to rewrite both into a

Only considering bluestore, I see that ceph-disk creates two partitions:

Device      Start        End    Sectors   Size Type
/dev/sde1    2048     206847     204800   100M Ceph OSD
/dev/sde2  206848 2049966046 2049759199 977.4G unknown

Does somebody know, what exactly belongs onto the xfs formatted first
disk and how is the data/wal/db device sde2 formatted?

What I really would like to know is, how can we best extract this
information so that we are not depending on ceph-{disk,volume} anymore.

Any pointer for the on disk format would be much appreciated!



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