Hi All,

We have 5 node clusters with EC 4+1 and use bluestore since last year from
Recently we migrated all our platforms to luminous 12.2.2 and finally all
OSDs migrated to ceph-volume simple type and on few platforms installed
ceph using ceph-volume .

Now we see two times more traffic in read compare to client traffic on
migrated platform and newly created platforms . This was not the case in
older releases where ceph status read B/W will be same as client read

Some network graphs :

*Client network interface* towards ceph public interface : shows *4.3Gbps*

[image: Inline image 2]

*Ceph Node Public interface* : Each node around 960Mbps * 5 node =* 4.6
Gbps *- this matches.
[image: Inline image 3]

Ceph status output : show  1032 MB/s =* 8.06 Gbps*

cn6.chn6us1c1.cdn ~# ceph status
    id:     abda22db-3658-4d33-9681-e3ff10690f88
    health: HEALTH_OK

    mon: 5 daemons, quorum cn6,cn7,cn8,cn9,cn10
    mgr: cn6(active), standbys: cn7, cn9, cn10, cn8
    osd: 340 osds: 340 up, 340 in

    pools:   1 pools, 8192 pgs
    objects: 270M objects, 426 TB
    usage:   581 TB used, 655 TB / 1237 TB avail
    pgs:     8160 active+clean
             32   active+clean+scrubbing

    client:   *1032 MB/s rd*, 168 MB/s wr, 1908 op/s rd, 1594 op/s wr

Write operation we don't see this issue. Client traffic and this matches.
Is this expected behavior in Luminous and ceph-volume lvm or a bug ?
Wrong calculation in ceph status read B/W ?

Please provide your feedback.

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