On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 02:40:11PM -0500, Ryan Leimenstoll wrote:
> Hi all, 
> We are trying to move a bucket in radosgw from one user to another in an 
> effort both change ownership and attribute the storage usage of the data to 
> the receiving user’s quota. 
> I have unlinked the bucket and linked it to the new user using: 
> radosgw-admin bucket unlink —bucket=$MYBUCKET —uid=$USER
> radosgw-admin bucket link —bucket=$MYBUCKET —bucket-id=$BUCKET_ID 
> —uid=$NEWUSER
> However, perhaps as expected, the owner of all the objects in the
> bucket remain as $USER. I don’t believe changing the owner is a
> supported operation from the S3 protocol, however it would be very
> helpful to have the ability to do this on the radosgw backend. This is
> especially useful for large buckets/datasets where copying the objects
> out and into radosgw could be time consuming.
At the raw radosgw-admin level, you should be able to do it with
bi-list/bi-get/bi-put. The downside here is that I don't think the BI ops are
exposed in the HTTP Admin API, so it's going to be really expensive to chown
lots of objects.

Using a quick example:
# radosgw-admin \
  --uid UID-CENSORED \
  --bucket BUCKET-CENSORED \
  bi get \
    "type": "plain",
    "entry": {
        "name": "OBJECTNAME-CENSORED",
        "instance": "",
        "ver": {
            "pool": 5,
            "epoch": 266028
        "locator": "",
        "exists": "true",
        "meta": {
            "category": 1,
            "size": 1066,
            "mtime": "2016-11-17 17:01:29.668746Z",
            "etag": "e7a75c39df3d123c716d5351059ad2d9",
            "owner": "UID-CENSORED",
            "owner_display_name": "UID-CENSORED",
            "content_type": "image/png",
            "accounted_size": 1066,
            "user_data": ""
        "tag": "default.293024600.1188196",
        "flags": 0,
        "pending_map": [],
        "versioned_epoch": 0

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