Hi all, this issue already have been discussed in older threads and I've already tried most of the solutions proposed in older threads.

I have a small and  old ceph cluster (slarted in hammer and upgraded until luminous 12.2.2) , connected thru single 1gbe link shared (I know this is not optimal but for my workload it is handling the load reasonably well). I use for RBD for small VMs in libvirtu/qemu.

My problem is... If i need to copy a large file (cp, dd, tar), the read speed is very low (15MB/s). I've tested the write speed of a single job with dd zero (direct) > file and the speed is good enought for my environment (80MB/s)

If I run paralell jobs, I can saturate the network connection, the speed scales with the number of jobs. I've tried setting read ahead on ceph.conf and in the guest O.S

I've never heard any report of a cluster using single 1gbe, maybe this speed is what should I expect? The next week I will be upgrading the network for 2 x 10gbe (private and public) but I would like to know if I have any issue that I need to address before, as the problem can be masked by the network upgrade.

If anyone can throw some light or point me in any direction or tell me.... this is what you should expect.... I really apreciate. If anyone need more info please let me know.
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