Any Rook users out there running Ceph in Kubernetes? We would love to hear 
about your experiences. Rook is currently hosted by the CNCF in the sandbox 
<> stage and we are proposing 
that Rook graduate to the incubating stage. Part of graduating is growing the 
user base and showing a number of users running Rook in production scenarios. 
Your support would be appreciated.

If you haven’t heard of Rook before, it’s a great time to get started. In the 
next few days we will be releasing v0.8 and are going through a final test 
pass.This would be a great time to help us find if there are any issues. And 
after the 0.8 release will also be a great time to start your Rook clusters and 
see what it will take to run your production workloads. If you have any 
questions, the Rook Slack <> is a great 
place to get them answered.

Travis <> <> <>

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