Hi Maged

Thanks for your reply.

> 6k is low as a max write iops value..even for single client. for cluster
> of 3 nodes, we see from 10k to 60k write iops depending on hardware.
> can you increase your threads to 64 or 128 via -t parameter

I can absolutely get it higher by increasing the parallism. But I
may have missed to explain my purpuse - I'm intested in how close to
putting local SSD/NVMe in servers I can get with RDB. Thus putting
parallel scenarios that I would never see in production in the
tests does not really help my understanding. I think a concurrency level
of 16 is in the top of what I would expect our PostgreSQL databases to do
in real life.

> can you run fio with sync=1 on your disks.
> can you try with noop scheduler
> what is the %utilization on the disks and cpu ?
> can you have more than 1 disk per node

I'll have a look at that. Thanks for the suggestion.


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