> On 07/02/2019 17:07, jes...@krogh.cc wrote:
> Thanks for your explanation. In your case, you have low concurrency
> requirements, so focusing on latency rather than total iops is your
> goal. Your current setup gives 1.9 ms latency for writes and 0.6 ms for
> read. These are considered good, it is difficult to go below 1 ms for
> writes. As Wido pointed, to get latency down you need to insure you have
> C States in your cpu settings ( or just C1 state ), you have no low
> frequencies in your P States and get cpu with high GHz frequency rather
> than more cores (Nick Fisk has a good presentation on this), also avoid
> dual socket and NUMA. Also if money is no issue, you will get a bit
> better latency with 40G or 100G network.

Thanks a lot. I'm heading towards the conclusion that if I went all in
and got new HW+NVMe drives, then I'd "only" be about 3x better off than
where I am today.  (compared to the Micron paper)

That's a usefull conclusion to take back.


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