So I was adding a new host using ceph-deploy, for the first OSD I
accidentally run it against the hostname of the external IP and not the
internal network.

I stopped / deleted the OSD from the new host and then re-created the OSD
using the internal hostname along with the rest of the OSD's.

They are all running fine however the one that has the same ID as the
original OSD I created is trying to communicate with the other OSD's over
the external interface, the OSD is working it seem's however unable to
control it via any ceph commands.

"heartbeat_check: no reply from external IP of another host:6801 osd.21
ever on either front or back, first ping sent "

Is it possible to update somewhere for this OSD to use the internet
network, or is there something else compared to the normal ceph osd removal
process I should do before re-adding it.

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