Yes that is all fine, the other 3 OSD's on the node work fine as expected,

When I did the orginal OSD via ceph-deploy i used the external hostname at
the end of the command instead of the internal hostname, I then deleted the
OSD and zap'd the disk and re-added using the internal hostname + the other
3 OSD's.

The other 3 are using the internal IP fine, the first OSD is not.

The config and everything else is fine as I can reboot any of the other 3
OSD's and they work fine, just somewhere the osd.22 is still storing the
orginal hostname/ip it was given via ceph-deploy even after a rm / disk zap


On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 7:30 PM Hector Martin <> wrote:

> On 08/02/2019 17.05, Ashley Merrick wrote:
> > Just somewhere it still seems to have stored the external IP's of the
> > other hosts for just this OSD, after restarting it's still full of log
> > lines like :  no reply from externalip:6801 osd.21, which is a OSD on
> > another node and trying to connect via the external IP of that node.
> Does your ceph.conf have the right network settings? Compare it with the
> other nodes. Also check that your network interfaces and routes are
> correctly configured on the problem node, of course.
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