Hello, ceph users,

I moved my cluster to bluestore (Ceph Mimic), and now I see the increased
disk usage. From ceph -s:

    pools:   8 pools, 3328 pgs
    objects: 1.23 M objects, 4.6 TiB
    usage:   23 TiB used, 444 TiB / 467 TiB avail

I use 3-way replication of my data, so I would expect the disk usage
to be around 14 TiB. Which was true when I used filestore-based Luminous OSDs
before. Why the disk usage now is 23 TiB?

If I remember it correctly (a big if!), the disk usage was about the same
when I originally moved the data to empty bluestore OSDs by changing the
crush rule, but went up after I have added more bluestore OSDs and the cluster
rebalanced itself.

Could it be some miscalculation of free space in bluestore? Also, could it be
related to the HEALTH_ERR backfill_toofull problem discused here in the other



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