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Comment (by markh):

 in replying to [comment:2 painter1]:

 I have had cause to examine the details of the use of WKT_CRS in examples
 in the text.  I have noted that the updates to WKT-CRS in ISO19162 are not
 reflected in the CF document.  There is extensive use of the older syntax,
 for example `GEOGCS` rather than `GEODCRS`.

 This is not surprising, as the CF edits were made prior to the publishing
 of ISO19162.  Indeed numerous on line resources continue to use the older
 syntax and there is provision within ISO19162 to recognise this syntax.

 So, whilst there is no issue with the text in is current state (barring
 the reference to an example we cannot find, as noted above) I do wonder
 whether putting the up to date syntax into the CF document within the
 examples might add some value.

 I have put together a change which would deliver this, for your
 consideration.  If it is worthwhile, you are welcome to adopt it.


 This includes the deletion of the "5.12 also represents a slightly
 modified version of the WKT example shown in section 7.4 of [OGC_CTS]"
 sentence, but this change could clearly be provided as an individual
 change if preferred, it is a simple deletion.

 I do not consider this to be a show stopper issue, the adoption of the WKT
 syntax updates are taking time and backwards compatibility in tools is
 expected.  It may even be viewed that this is an exercise better
 approached in a future publication of CF, rather than this one.

 all the best

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