FYI, there was a great turnout to our February meeting on a similar topic.
If you are interested, feel free to attend.  The Web SIG is part of the
Heartland User Group ( and discusses web development as a
whole and is not product/manufacturer specific.  The Web SIG's listserv is
linked below.


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Subject: March 26th, 6:30pm: Rich Internet Applications

The March 26th (next Wednesday) Web SIG meeting topic is "Rich Internet
Applications" (RIAs). Michael Falkner, of ThinqDigital
( will be covering the concept of rich
web-based applications. These generally include Flash front-ends and a web
services (ColdFusion, .Net, ASP, etc.) approach to retrieving and storing
information. Michael will be covering the possibilities, sample sites, and
look at how the sites are built (with sample code).

RIAs are amazing for presenting complex information and enabling users to
interact quickly and in complex ways with data, products, and sites.  For
many sites, RIAs improve the user experience in ways traditional
page-oriented web sites can't touch.

ThinqDigital is the local Macromedia Authorized Training Partner, so this
should be close to a "from the horse's mouth" kind of presentation, since
Macromedia drives the client side (Flash) and often the server side

March 26th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Technisource (formerly IntelliMark),
9300 W. 110th St, Suite 460.

See you there! Invite a friend who might be interested!


Glenn Crocker

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