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I am always looking for someone to present at a meeting.  I am more than
willing to assist you in preparing the content (technically as well as
presentation skills).  This is not rocket science, anyone can do it!
Please, volunteer.  Presenting helps you improve your technical and
presentation skills while helping and impressing others.

Well, tell use what you need.  If you are looking for CF experts, I'm not
your person!  But if you are looking for other things - give me a list.
I'd LOVE to come and show you some jewelry <g>

Peggie Brown

((( .-- ^~~ ^
( {>Y<}
\ )_ `~-~/
\,,/,,/ \,,,,,
Brown Holdings LLC Group
<><>, Vision for your Business
<>RealGems<>.biz, Real Gems at Real Low Prices

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