Hello all,

My name is Ben Edwards and I'm moving to KC, from Atlanta, in September.
I'm actually a native of the area but have been down here in Atlanta for the
past five years.  I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.  I met
some of you from the KC CFUG in Washington, DC at CFFUN-03 and I'm looking
forward to meeting more of you.

Hal Helms is a good friend of mine (we do training and Mach-II together) and
we'll be offering a special class in KC together in September (Object
Orientated Development with CFCs).  While he's up there I've convinced him
to speak at that month's CFUG meeting (if a speaker is not already
scheduled).  Would you guys be interested in having Hal as a speaker?  Who
do I need to talk to try to work out some details to get him in KC?  Also,
would anyone be interested in learning more about the training?


Ben Edwards

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